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August, 2009 Monthly archive

Multi art kid Affex Ventura and Zosen recently opend the doors to their expo at the Woah gallery in

So if your around drop by at the Woah gallery

Check Affex Ventura Here

Check Zosen Here

We knew one day this would happen, and there it is the Animal Sweater by Karl Grandin


A limited edition is currently available.

Found some interresting imagery on this blog. Apparently alot of oldschool gangbangers were good in arts & crafts as well. Check out these calling cards.gcard_2_5



“There is a long history to the sweaters and the patches here in Chicago.  Alot of rules went along with wearing your gang’s sweater.  Alot of blood also was shed over them.  There was nothing more desired then an opposing gangs sweater, and many a fight was had over them”.



see more og art here

This fresh Art Center graduate knows how to handel shapes and colours, politics, humour and style. Yes we like!




from Devin Troy Strother

The TFZ crew from Berlin rock it fresh…

Photos courtesy of flickrs.