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June, 2010 Monthly archive

Giacomo Luchena is a tattooist currently based in Milan. His work is produced primarily in his bedroom or his kitchen.
Kind Regards had the pleasure of meeting him recently in Milan…

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A flip book which shows a se­quence when Adams & E.​B.​Itso stole a shack from the Co­pen­ha­gen Cen­tral Sta­ti­on. The small house, which was found next to the tracks, was lif­ted to a hand­ma­de woo­den cart and pus­hed away from the city on the rail­way. Fil­med in su­per-​8, an early morning in No­vem­ber 2009.

95×180mm, 224 pages, black/white print.
Prin­ted in 500 co­pies and as­sem­bled by hand.

21 euros (Eu­ro­pe), 23 euros (outside Eu­ro­pe).

Pay with Paypal.​com to our ac­count info@​a5press.​net.
Don‘t for­get to write your name and adress, for ship­ping pur­po­se.

5FD/A5 Press

Box 3078
SE-​103 61, Stock­holm

Most people know about the projects of Adams & Itso, using urban space. This is the reaction of Per Buur, Chief Inspector at Copenhagen Central station.

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The guys from Floating World Comics based inPortland put this togheter.


Tattoo’s by New York based Amanda Wachob

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