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September, 2010 Monthly archive

Kind Regards friend/extended family member, AMOK from Amsterdam, has a new website and a blog which is regularly updated. The website features an array of work which spans across various mediums and showcases his passion for marine life, which is a recurring theme in his work.

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“Artist Mike Ballard, 38, is to exhibit more than 200 garments he has taken in London in what he claims was a decade-long obsessive compulsive reaction to having his own jacket pilfered…”

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Our friend ZOOW24 from Milano sent us some canvas’ he’s been working on recently. Expect a whole lot more and a blog to pop up soon!

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Photography: Bram Spaan

“Since 2007, the Swiss-based clothing brand LowLife have been creating clothing with a particular emphasis on
“love, pride and staking a claim to a part of their city”.
They became well known, in particular, with their series  “Our City, Our Trains”

At the beginning of 2010, Kind Regards was established to showcase artists (from all over the world)
in temporary locations around Amsterdam.

Kind Regards have collaborated with LowLife to bring you a t-shirt which represents their city – Amsterdam.
The tshirt, designed by LowLife, features the classic Amsterdam subway line 53 which has been running
between Centraal Station and Gaasperplas since 1977.
The collaboration encompasses the LowLife style/message as well as being a good reflection of Kind Regards.

Edition of 50 – Grey white and red silk on 100% cotton black shirts

Price includes shipping:


Kind Regards presents Big Mother Earth a group show with work from Arnar Ásgeirsson, Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson
and Jan s. Hansen.

Ásgeirsson and Guðmundsson are currently undertaking a Masters Degree at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam,
while Hansen is graduating from a Masters degree at the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen.
For this exhibition, the Danish and Icelandic cultures will come together in a collaborative yet individual way.

A series of drawings, sculptures and video installations will give the viewer a unique experiencerepresentative of the 3 artists.

The work will make reference to fairytales and sagas but will also deal with morality and dualism.

Although the work presented by each artist will be unique in its own right, showcasing them together will be
both complimentary and interesting as a whole.

There will also be a publication made which will be released during the exhibition.

Jan S. Hansen

Styrmir Orn Gudmundsson

Jan S.Hansen

Styrmir Orn Gudmundsson

Jan S. Hansen

Arnar Asgeirsson

silkscreen on paper, 59-41.5 cm edition of 50