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June, 2011 Monthly archive

We don’t usually blog about wrist-watches but this particular wrist-watch has an interesting story.
Former Global Creative Director for Nike Watches and founder of Minimal, Scott Wilson, conceived an idea to turn the 6th Generation Nano into a wrist-watch. Even though the industry’s leading brands were not interested in developing this idea further, Wilson was determind to push the idea forward. He decided to use Kickstarter – one of the largest funding platforms for creative projects. Wilson was therefore able ”ignore the advice of industry experts and pursue a more premium design”. The initial goal was to raise $15,000 but the idea was received so well that it ended up raising nearly $1million.  
LunaTik wrist-watches are certainly aesthetically pleasing but it does leave some questions on functionability. How easy is it to listen to music with an i-pod on your wrist or having to charge your watch every other day.  Nevertheless, it does show how far a simple idea can travel through the internet as well as the creation of another essential accessory for the apple-fanatics.


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21YO – She’s Got To Be Back Home (Physical Therapy Remix) by PHYSICAL THERAPY

Dutch artist Parra now has a website.

Amsterdam based Parra is best known for his “curved post-Pop imagery, is cofounder of cult apparel label Rockwell Clothing and a member of electronic music group Le Le.”