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We were very happy to have received the new book, Flash Tattoo Collection N° 1, from our good friend FUZI. The book features 160 pages of drawings. It is simply put together and classic in its design with an A4 format , black and white print and a gloss cover. They are limited to an edition of 500 and each book comes signed by Fuzi.

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Petro & Egs have a show at the MAKE YOUR MARK GALLERY in Helsinki which opens tonight, 3rd June, and will run until the 30th June.
For over 2 decades, both Petro & Egs have been a strong influence within graffiti and continue to have a unique, distinct style which grows stronger over time. Expect solid works from both these artists at this gallery show.

Kind Regards still has a very small selection of zines and prints available from a show we did with Petro back in February 2010.
Please contact us at: for further info.

All images taken from the IRONLAK blog
A nice selection of images can also be found over at GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS

“He was known as the Godfather of Rap but disapproved of the title, preferring to describe what he did as “bluesology” – a fusion of poetry, soul, blues and jazz, all shot through with a piercing social conscience and strong political messages, tackling issues such as apartheid and nuclear arms.”

Gil Scott-Heron passed away today whilst on his European Tour aged 62.

Nice article and video talking of his life and work over at The Guardian here

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The book, Ma Ligne, is a collection of photographs created between 1996 and 2001. It is an archive of vandalism of the train line Paris St Lazare – Mantes La Jolie which runs from the western suburbs into the French capital.

The hardcover book features 146 pages of images with a text by FUZI UV TPK and published by Edition Patrick Frey based in Switzerland. More information and pre-order can be found here

In October 2010 FUZI UV TPK had a show in Amsterdam – FUZI WORLD. It was curated by Kind Regards at the Blaq Jaquet Gallery in the Red Light District. The Swiss based magazine, Sang Bleu, did a report on the show in November 2010. For more information go here

You can see more of FUZI here, including his most recent show in Oslo – Street Rage.

Simon Schrikker curated a show called Too Late For Apologies which will feature the work of four internationally active artists who follow a different artistic direction but all show their work as a result of prior assumptions and dynamics.

Kris van Dessel (Antwerp, Belgium)
Hovering between the figurative and abstraction, between organic forms and architectural organisation, Kris’ paintings create a chaos that is somehow kept in check by a visual logic. It is the logic of tectonic plates, of planes and forms moving gradually over each other, both overlapping and uncovering each other in a vast surrounding space.

Onno Poiesz (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)
For his sculptures Poiesz uses the experience and the effects of sampling of already existing forms. The result is the origin of a modern mythical world, sometimes for the place that it’s in, and sometimes referring to the zap-culture.

Scott Everingham
(Toronto, Canada)
Oil paint makes up the structure and life of architecture and the human form and its materiality is used as a tool to modify notions of familiar perception. Influenced by fiction, film, and spontaneity, Scott’s work extends to both the abstract and the representational, where the animate language of paint lends life to what may be experienced as very real and new places.

(Paris, France)
Moment 1 :10 minutes sketchin’
Moment 2 : From 5 to 60 minutes painting in the streets without getting caught
Moment 3 : 2 minutes taking pics
Moment 4 : 2 or 3 days painting the chosen pic
Moment 1 … It’s a question of time…

With this exhibition a catalog will be published, which will be released October/November, 2010 with an essay by Herman Hernandez

The exhibition will run from July 21st until September 20 th 2011
more info: Museum le Secet