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Petro & Egs have a show at the MAKE YOUR MARK GALLERY in Helsinki which opens tonight, 3rd June, and will run until the 30th June.
For over 2 decades, both Petro & Egs have been a strong influence within graffiti and continue to have a unique, distinct style which grows stronger over time. Expect solid works from both these artists at this gallery show.

Kind Regards still has a very small selection of zines and prints available from a show we did with Petro back in February 2010.
Please contact us at: for further info.

All images taken from the IRONLAK blog
A nice selection of images can also be found over at GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS

Kind Regards presents Big Mother Earth a group show with work from Arnar Ásgeirsson, Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson
and Jan s. Hansen.

Ásgeirsson and Guðmundsson are currently undertaking a Masters Degree at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam,
while Hansen is graduating from a Masters degree at the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen.
For this exhibition, the Danish and Icelandic cultures will come together in a collaborative yet individual way.

A series of drawings, sculptures and video installations will give the viewer a unique experiencerepresentative of the 3 artists.

The work will make reference to fairytales and sagas but will also deal with morality and dualism.

Although the work presented by each artist will be unique in its own right, showcasing them together will be
both complimentary and interesting as a whole.

There will also be a publication made which will be released during the exhibition.

Jan S. Hansen

Styrmir Orn Gudmundsson

Jan S.Hansen

Styrmir Orn Gudmundsson

Jan S. Hansen

Arnar Asgeirsson

silkscreen on paper, 59-41.5 cm edition of 50