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Last week friday High CBS got shot several times, after being hospitalized in critical condition he past away last night. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

Dutch artist Parra now has a website.

Amsterdam based Parra is best known for his “curved post-Pop imagery, is cofounder of cult apparel label Rockwell Clothing and a member of electronic music group Le Le.”


Kind Regards recently met up with Will Robson-Scott whilst he was in Amsterdam on the final leg of his journey for the new Crack & Shine International book. Will gave us a brief insight into his thoughts on Amsterdam and his journey together with a few of the many photos he took whilst here…

Amsterdam was the final leg of the trip after being in the States and Paris. I was exhausted due to the lack of sleep and excessive intake of beer and bread. It was a bit draining, but was a lot of fun ,jumping from city to city keeps you on your toes. The changing infrastructure weather in be design, flexibitilty of cctv and security, nature of writers and locals dictates how your visit goes.

I was relieved to be finishing in Amsterdam as it’s a city ive visited many times, the Dutch are also super friendly and is a plus that they speak my mother tongue. Also i knew i was not going to have too many surprises, like wading through the Parisian catacombsĀ  in waist high water trying to save my cameras from an early grave and cutting my legĀ  on a bit of metal that is probably older then everyone in the books combined ages.
I knew i was going to meet up with Twice and Gear as we had met before. These two are not for the faint hearted when it comes to drink or graff for that matter, from the first moment we met the agenda was beer , meat and bombing, a good, simple but effective combo. The difficulties of having short visits to foreign citys is trying to get the most out of your time their, but these two were more on it then me.

Another character i meet up with was Sel , who, to me seemed a bit of an oracle of Dutch graff,to me he is a great example of someone who has a perfect balance in their life off still actively painting but at the same time hold down the rest of his adult life and deal with his responsibilities , which is not an easy thing.
I would have loved to have met more people in Dam but sadly this couldn’t happen. Dont know if ill be back in the same capacity photographing there, who knows.” WRS 2011

Crack & Shine International is available now for purchase with the 1st Edition limited to 2000 copies, you can grab one here

Check out Will’s website here with a blog that’s updated quite often and a vast portfolio of images.

Watch this space for an upcoming project with Will in the near future.

Our friend Sayuri Chetty has started a rather epic project, creating a sculpture every day . The project can be followed via her Tumblr.

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